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Gabriele Bentivogli

My name is Gabriele Bentivogli, and I am a Senior Digital Product Designer with 10 years of experience in the marketing and digital industry.

My professional journey began in 2015 as a web designer in a small agency, where I started to learn about coding and the world of web design. I then gradually specialized and focused my skills on the area that resonated the most with my inclinations: UX/UI design.

My experience has primarily centered around the web domain, as I have worked on websites, landing pages, and e-commerce for various industries. Over time, I had the opportunity to work with both SMEs and major brands, including: Segafredo Zanetti, Wefox, Sigaro Toscano, Alfasigma, Evidens de Beauté, SimiHaze, Isamaya Ffrench, MeglioQuesto, to name a few.

However, with my previous work experience, I sought to expand my skills into the realm of app and software design, engaging in diverse fields such as Banking/Fintech (Findomestic, Cedacri, Crédit Agricole, Banca Sella), IoT (Candy/Haier, Urmet), and Loyalty B2C programs (illy coffee, Arena).

Outside of my professional commitments, I am passionate about video games and gamification, areas that I study whenever possible, as I believe that the dynamics and mechanics inherent to games can enrich digital experiences and make them more engaging for users. Furthermore, I love writing and telling stories, a passion that comes to life (or at least I try!) through writing plots for video games and comic books.


The origin of the name:
La Fabbrica dei Mondi

aka “The Worlds Factory

The choice of this name is rooted in the conceptualization of the creative process as an abstract force that shapes worlds.

The essence of this concept is to abstractly portray the mind of a creative individual. In my perspective, a creative mind acts as a unique factory where ideas are born and crafted into intricate “worlds.”

Picture it as a place where creativity intertwines with imagination, and each client’s project becomes a unique world tailored to their narrative. In this factory, we are not just crafting designs; we are constructing stories and experiences. “La Fabbrica dei Mondi” is a space where your ideas come to life, where your story finds its visual voice, and where creativity transforms into a tangible and meaningful reality.

Every project is a journey, and every creation is a unique world waiting to find its shape and its own personal story.


Feedbacks and impressions

  • Federica Corbetta


    Gabriele was my tutor and mentor during my time at Instilla. His professionalism, experience, and dedication in the field were crucial to my training and significantly contributed to the development of my technical skills. Not only did he exhibit an infectious passion for Experience Design, but he also demonstrated excellent communication skills, explaining concepts and methodologies in a clear and understandable manner. Moreover, his empathetic approach and constant availability for discussions allowed Gabriele to provide constructive feedback and encouragement, understanding my learning needs and creating an environment where I felt supported and encouraged to grow. Ultimately, I believe Gabriele is an exceptional tutor, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from him. I am confident that he will continue to shape aspiring Digital Product Designers with great passion and professionalism.

  • Manuela Masciadri


    Gabriele is a reliable and well-prepared professional, as well as a proactive, stimulating, and effective creative. He has been involved in the creation of two of my websites, both with concepts a bit outside the norm. Not only did he perfectly understand my technical and creative needs, but he transformed them into realities that greatly exceeded my expectations. He suggested adjustments to my input that were not entirely in line with the defined vision and objectives, integrating practical and artistic elements that brought value, effectiveness, and identity to the projects. On a personal level, he is a person with great listening skills, kindness, empathy, and a rare and precious quality.

  • Sara Marcone

    Project Manager at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

    Gabriele is a serious, reliable, and precise professional with a technical imagination. He can blend his creativity with the concreteness of a project, avoiding excesses and meticulously attending to details to adhere to guidelines. His ability to balance technical knowledge as a developer with a creative approach is clearly evident in his role as a UX/UI Designer. Moreover, on a personal level, he stands out for his collaborative spirit, enthusiasm, empathy, and humor, making days lighter for everyone.

  • Francesco Porzio

    Co-Founder, Strategic planner at Magilla

    Gabriele is an excellent UX/UI designer, and in the projects he worked on with Magilla, he played a crucial role in ensuring quality and precision in interface design. He seamlessly integrated into our team, maintaining a collaborative and proactive approach. With strong autonomy, he consistently met deadlines while effectively coordinating with developers. He excels in expressing himself in a stimulating environment.